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tv   [untitled]    October 14, 2014 8:00am-8:31am PDT

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will make sure that we make that very clear. if you would like to stay connected and i will port them through and get them to the osb site. >> thank you. it's fantastic. >> great job. i logged in and it's very user friendly. >> good. thank you. >> i second that opinion and i thought that it was a very crisp, the colors were very crisp and very modern and very intuitive. i like the flow of the site and i think there is a lot of information that comes out. so congratulations. it's a beautiful site and there is a lot of room to devil up as you were saying. i have a question regarding the content management and content update and how do you see that
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happen and who is going to take care of that and so, in your plan, in your timing, who is going to keep on checking the information, the forms, the legislation and in your opinion, what is that going to require to do that? >> that's a great question, commissioner. right now it's myself and my team of two. so the three of us have committed to at least for the next two 2 years we've set up a whole document where we are tracking every single piece of information on the portal and if it is required that we update it or check it every quarter we will mark that off and put oh n a date. we will go through a meticulous process to make sure this stays current, but it is something that needs to be kept up over the years which is why we are also creating a user manual and training so we can hand it off some day if we
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are not doing this anymore. but it's going to take a lot of work and just maintaining the content on the portal itself and not even growing it is already a huge piece, but if we would like to grow it and again if we could advocate for more funding going forward that's definitely that will help keep this relevant. that's the worst thing for any user to go on the site and see outdated information and you automatically lose credibility. that's a great question and something that will be a challenge in this upcoming years in the next couple of years, but i really hope to cement a process and make sure that this does carry forward and not something that will disappear in a year or two. >> thank you, you have a beautiful site and to maintain it and to maintain the traffic, this is an aspect that we have to think about and how in growing and preserving
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and updating the data. thank you. >> thank you. i really hope that when other departments see this it will change your thinking because this is really the first time that us as a city government took up a user centered approach and we really looked at how does the government interact with our users and how do you make that a little friendlier. hopefully this will be a piece that the other departments will look at and model after. >> just to piggy back on what he was saying, is there a way to off load that impact of keeping that updating on your department and shifting the rest onto the other department. my business give mess -- me
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just a little quarter to update my part and maybe you can give it to them for them as a requirement. maybe it's that little piece that they can go in and upload just their forms. >> that's a great suggestion and i will definitely look into it and it's willing lcfs -- also a matter of building trust and creating the portals and our key licensing departments are looking at this and saying, "wow, this is an initiative that we can get behind" if this is something they want to make sure your department is correct, you don't want to look bad on anyone else. we look forward to building those relationships as we move forward. >> any other questions? i just want to say, jane, this is awesome. great job. i agree with what everybody
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says, i like the look and feel and it's clean and very professionally done and i feel like you just brought us into 21st century. the thing i thought about while you were doing this presentation, when you were with the office of small business and your experience in the office of small business led to this being successful because you know what people want, you know what they are going to ask for., and i just want to thank the city for recognizing your role in the office of small business and having you work on this project because this is kick ass. excuse my language, but this is really really cool. and, like you said other cities, you know, this is what makes san francisco special. we are the technology capital and they couldn't have had a better person on this project than you because
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you know what people want, and you designed this what people want. so instead of somebody going on there and getting upset. with the folders, i love that. so, i just want to say, great job great job. >> thank you so much. when we go for the full launch looking forward for you guys to getting the word out to the community as well. thank you so much. >> and you should get a raised. >> wait, was that recorded? >> [ laughter ] >> should we take public comment on this in anybody want to make public comment on item no. 9? seeing none, public comment is closed. thank you, jane. this is awesome. >> thank you so much for your time. >> okay, next item, please. >> next item is item no. 9, the directors report. so commissioners, i just want to provide you with some quick updates on current
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policy. our programs are going to be developed that came out of legislation that has been before you. as you recall supervisor tang had the legislation on the abandoned commercial front and maintenance fees. this week along with our department and neighborhoods were meeting to set up and discuss an outreach efforts to especially targeted around small property owners because we do have storefront sf which is a listing site that small property owners can use without having to work with brokers. next, the small business development center, we had to slowdown the interviewing process for the director is still under way, although it slowed down a little bit but we target to have this position on board in
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november. the soft story mandatory retrofit program, the office of small business, they invest in neighborhoods met with the two gentlemen who run that program and we are going to be doing an assessment as to how many of the buildings that have ground floor commercials that are going to be required to do the mandatory retrofit reside and the areas and how many reside outside and put together the informational piece. both for the property owners and the information about how the seismic story retrofit program works. there is some misinformation, i think some small property owners think they are going to have to clear out their ground floor commercial space to do the retrofit work and we have been hearing from some businesses who have been informed boo i the --
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by the property owners that they need to clear out to do it and as i understand it and have been informed by trat -- patrick nealy that they are not always required to move out. in addition to that, there will be the requirement to do disability access upgrades and so helping the property owner and the business to navigate through that. we want to reach out and let them know that our office, the investment in neighborhoods team is there and we have resources for them to help them through this process. next is small business saturdays coming up at the end of november and both our office and the invested neighborhoods are assisting with putting up new banners for this year and working with women impacting public policy who is leading the efforts the council of
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merchants chamber to work on this program. i will be meeting tomorrow with supervisor farrell's office and the department of public health to move forward your recommendation to revise the point of sale regulations or registration requirements still maintaining the integrity of ensuring consumer protection but making it less onerous on small businesses and the department. formula retail, the plan was to hear both supervisor mars and the planning for legislation today. i don't think it occurred but i wasn't able to complete hearing the land use committee meeting today but it will be up soon.
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once that, the determination is made about the formula retail and decision between those by the board of supervisors between those two 2 pieces of legislation, then my understanding is that then the legislation for the formula retail workers will then move forward. next, i wanted to let you know that you may have read in sf gate last week that supervisor campos has plans to introduce legislation to establish a business program. one of the elements discussed is to do incentives for property owners as a property owner rebate for tax for the business. and currently the legislation hasn't been finalized but the thought is to house the legacy of the
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program in the office of small business and we can work to in addition to that one potential benefit for the property owners, but to also really connect them with other resources so if it's a family owned business, the family business resource center has a supportive program to help legacy families businesses transfer their business from one generation 1 generation to the next. the legacy family business center has been in conversation with them as well. >> good. >> last week supervisor chiu introduced another component to the formula retail employees formula retail entities in regard to their employers mandating or you know having employers give two 2-week notice for work schedules, notices of
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changes of schedule, compensation for schedule changes. i'm not going to read the whole thing. i have the legislation here to hand you to provide to you. so both now supervisor david chiu and eric mar now have legislation that is for dealing with formula retail plows. doctor employees. the only other thing is the neighborhood street commercial district and i did a quick scan over them and it looks like the commission heard these back in 2012. the only thing that i think is different is those that banned formula retail and it will reflect what is in the planning code.
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so in preparation with the business portal going live we've been working on our website. so next tuesday we'll have a new look and feel to our website. it will still currently house all the information we have. so just until the business portal is up and live and fully functioning, it's set up that once that is, then we'll be able to extract that information out from our website. so, it's primarily the new information but it will have the same look and feel. i want to let you know there are two fall in terms, martinez and stephanie nichols. monique comes from the schedule of
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entrepreneurship and she will continue to help around the work of sales and supervisors wiener and i are interested in this to provide support of research information that needs to be done and stephanie nichols was referred from would it robot who gave the presentation to the commission on the point of sale back in august. and is from the the law school there and so i'm having her do some clean up work around business formation and also wanting to put together a plan before the commission since we are now doing gross receipts to see if the commission wants to establish some criteria around revenue in addition to employee side for small business definition. then, i also wanted to inform
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you that i met with rebecca pro zan who some of you may know but she was with the district attorney's office and she's now the government policy at government affair at google to discuss different types of business opportunities, things that programs, so there will be future things coming. i don't know exactly what yet. but i was very appreciative that she reached out and i also wanted to again, i think that, i would like to get some feedback from the commission of this list i have about potential presentations. the hcso, the new changes ha that needs to come before you. the health department is changing, due
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to the amount of over time the department is maxing because of some of the weekend events, they are changing their inspector schedules. so some people work monday through friday and some will work thursday through saturday and what this is likely going to mean is there will be some inspections especially in restaurants on the weekends. so you are certainly welcome to invite the department to come in and have them tell you what their plan is to if there is concerns about the business impacts. i have been hearing some concerns, you know that upon passage of the short-term rental that the planning department is going to be overwhelmed with request to do investigations and so what does that mean in terms of how will planning handle the staffing. so not to impact from our
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perspective small businesses the process they go through. the invest in neighborhood from the micro loan program and merging program and the ada assessment program and the plastic bag and work programs. so happy to hear from you in terms of if there is priorities from things that you would like to get some presentations on soon. >> okay. thank you very much. >> i have a question for you regina, last month there were announcements for the small business fair at for fort mason did you go there? >> yes. we had a table.
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there's a decent turnout, but it's not a great location. so i don't think the attendance was as high as i would have expected. there were a number of people from the bay area and it was good outreach also for dealing with the new business packet because there were people conducting business with the city but didn't know they had to be registered. it provided some good outreach for us in that respect. >> thank you. before we move on to the president's report i would like to take item no. 3 and forward that to our next meeting. i would like to move item no. 3 to october >> i think we might have public
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comment to the directors report. >> okay. public comment on the director's report ? >> good evening. steven gornl. one of the best thing i have heard is that the health department is going to move their inspectors to different days. i think that's a great idea since many retail businesses and many businesses now are open seven days 7 days a week. and that might be something that could be encouraged to other different departments in the city that might affect us. we are opening even banks, some banks now are open sundays. the government might be doing that also. i think that would be good. it's great that came up and it should keep going. >> great, thank you. any other public comment on the directors report? seeing none. public comment is closed. okay. i would like to make a motion to move item no. 3 to our meeting on
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the 27th. >> second. all in favor say, "aye". >> aye. >> any opposed? >> he couldn't make it. so he gets a pass for that. next item, please. >> all right. commissioners, we are now on item no. 11, president's report. >> i just have one thing to report. i attended the merchants event at flora grub in the bayview. i have to tell you, i really, that's like an awesome place. i was surprised and how thriving that neighborhood was. all the little businesses around there. it was really cool. on behalf of the office of small business and it was a great event. so other than that i have
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nothing else. >> next item? >> item no. 12 is vice-president's report. >> nothing on that, other than i'm glad you went to the event. thank you. >> next item. >> item no. 13, commissioner reports? >> commissioner riley? >> i attended the california business summit reception at the hotel. it was a great turnout. a lot of businesses were there and i met a lot of people that i know. it was a great event. >> any other commissioner comments? i also would like to report too that commissioner riley and i attended the asia inc. event on friday night which helps a lot of small businesses. okay. next item. >> item no. 14, is general
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public comment. >> do we have any members of the public who would like to make comment on future items for our meetings? >> hi, again. steven cornell. i had a talk and one of the things that have come up and i represent polk street and it's seemingly on the b rshst and seemingly on northeast mission merchants areas, they don't have any studies of economic impact on what they are going to do. i think that's something that this commission might want to look into. they have environmental impact, it's required. i think they have one other study they have to do, but
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the idea that they don't have to do any economic impact on what's going to happen to the neighborhood, the businesses are out there, i think it's outrageous. it's something that we've brought up to them over time and their answers, we don't to have do it so we are not going to do it. i would love to see that pursued by you guys and anything you can do to help. >> that's a very good good one. thank you. any other members of the public? seeing none, public comment is closed. next item is pleased. >> item no. 15 is new business. >> do we have any new business? >> yes, i actually would like to follow up with the director to invite the health department inspection to come in to tell us the reason behind the weekend inspection. i do understand over time but i don't know. i would like to hear the kind of
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impact study they have done in regard to what that means to the restaurant industry for the city since we know that's the largest part. as well as the hcso reporting requirements. i would like to invite them back to get an update on that as well. >> that's a good one. it's been a year. >> i would maybe follow up and put it up on the calendar to get something going with mta about the concerns. >> yeah. that's a good one. >> well, since we are inviting the health department do we need more information or update on the affordable care? >> yeah, that's what she was just saying. >> so for the hcso, i can invite both olse and the department of public health? >> okay. good. any other items?
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usually it's nothing. we have a lot today. next item. >> all right. item no. 15 is adjournment. >> do we have a motion to adjourn? all in favor say, "aye". >> aye. >> any opposed? >> meeting adjourned. [ meeting is adjourned ] >> >>you. >> what do you think about
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working at an airport and i love it is busy all the time. >> we want it to be an those away was this is a venture if i didn't love it i'll be an accountant. >> we want the experience that is a non-airport experience the negative stigma we're trying to erase that. >> everything is in a bad food to excite them about the food and they have time to learn about us. >> people are imitated by traveling and the last thing to do is come to a place fill of chaos. >> telling me how the extent of napa a farms came about.
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>> it was a vision of the airport director he had a suspicion of a really cool gourmet speciality market locally friendly products this market local flavors this is the best. >> can we get a little tour. >> absolutely (laughter) ♪ ♪ >> so first on our tour. >> we have the clock we like to call it. >> this is coordinating it is made in san francisco. >> what about the customer presence. >> we like to get the permanent farther i love the cappuccino and you have to go to multiple places for the cupcakes the cup a cakes from kari's people want
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to live here they're longing phone call for one thing in one spot in you know anything about san francisco the cheese the most popular cheesy think a lot of the people from the west coast say so this the real san francisco sour dough and they're curious. >> you find people respond to the idea of organic and absolutely. >> this is autumn. >> thank you, thank you and there's a lot of personal touch. >> i see san francisco. >> it's very hands on. >> what's the most popular items. >> this is quite surprising our fresh jotting this is the chronicle special a bowl of warm oats and coconut that's mites
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farther. >> and speaking of drinks tell me again the cocktail scenes is that one, the things your known for . >> the cocktails are fantastic. >> really. >> fresh ingredients we don't have a mixture it to order this is our marcus bloody mayor. >> farmer's market bloody mary the bloody marys in the airport are great shikz it up. and then we're going to garnish it with olives. and some lime and a fresh stalk of selly. right


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